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Painting engineer

  • GE Renewable Energy
  • Experienced
  • Posted 5/8/2017 3:08:03 PM
  • TIA000UE
  • Job Function: Manufacturing
  • Business Segment: Renewable Energy
Location(s): China; Tianjin

Role Summary:
  1. 技术能力: 针对各种产品对喷漆不同的技术要求, 匹配当前公司内砂漆资源, 完成切实可行的技术方案
Technical capability: Under different technical requirement on product, need to match real painting sourcing in company, finish and provide good technical solution
  1. 技术支持: 针对产品生产过程中的各种砂漆问题, 提供技术方案, 满足客户要求
Technical supporting: Provide technical solution with site problem during manufacturing to meet customer spec.
  1. 持续改进: 积极寻找优化成本的方案, 提高效率和质量
Continuous improvement:  Research cost optimization, improve efficiency and quantity
  1. 交流沟通: 需要与客户, 供应商和公司内部相关部门交流协调技术方案, 能够顺利实施下去
Communication: Discuss technical solution with customer, supplier and functions, to implement it smoothly
  1. 电站服务: 针对可能发生的电站紧急需求, 能够快速反映并解决相关问题
Site service: Quickly response and solve technical problem from site urgent requirement
  1. 质量意识: 熟练应用相关的质量工具进行问题分析, 找到根本原因, 持续改善产品质量
Quality awareness: Use related quality tools to analysis RCA and improve product quality
  1. 培训员工: 针对新产品的不同技术要求, 需要给操作人员进行培训, 保证生产顺利实施
Training: According to different technical spec. to train operator to ensure manufacturing smoothly
  1. 车间检查: 在新产品生产过程中, 需要定期去车间确认实际生产状态, 有问题及时纠正
Checking in workshop: During new product manufacturing, need to cell to check and confirm state in fixed time

  • 教育水平: 本科及以上
Education level: Bachelor degree or above
  • 专业背景: 化工材料和喷涂专业
Professional background: Chemical material and painting major
  • 工作经验: 需要在喷涂专业领域连续工作至少5年以上
Experience: More than 5 y at least on painting professional yield
  • 需要资质: NACE CIP 3
Certification: NACE CIP 3
  • 熟悉标准: 熟悉并掌握ISO8501/2/3/4(底材相关标准), ISO12944(油漆标准), ISO2063(热喷涂标准)等相关涂覆标准
Standard: Know well on ISO8501/2/3/4, ISO12944, ISO2063 etc.
  • 语言要求: 流利顺畅的英文听说读写能力
Language: Good English oral and written
  • 沟通交流: 出色的沟通能力和交流技巧
Communication skill: Good communication capability and skill

Locations: China; Tianjin
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