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Pressure Part Design Engineer

  • GE Power & Water
  • Experienced
  • Posted 5/8/2017 3:08:33 PM
  • CHI000HD
  • Job Function: Engineering/Technology
  • Business Segment: Thermal Power
Location(s): China; China

Role Summary:

Primary Responsibilities:


-          结合工厂制造能力,进行锅炉受压件/压力容器结构设计,及时向受压件布置工程师和性能设计师反馈本体结构信息,提高产品性能。能独立完成锅炉受压件/压力容器结构设计,对结构合理性负责。

Responsible for boiler pressure part/pressure vessel detail design in accordance with workshop capability, communicate with pressure part arrangement engineer and performance engineer about structure timely for product optimization. Carry out boiler pressure part/pressure vessel design independently, be responsible for the rationality of the structure.

-          独立且按时完成各项设计任务。

Finish the task independently with high quality on time.

-          及时有效处理制造车间及工地现场的技术问题。

Solve the technical problem form workshop and site in time and efficient.

-          在保证产品性能的前提下优化设计、降低成本,提高产品的标准化和系列化程度。

Without impact of boiler performance guarantee, optimization design and focus on cost down, improve standardization and universalization of products.

-          通过项目执行指导受压件设计助理工程师工作。

Guide the assistant engineer of pressure part department, assist manager to develop qualified pressure part design engineer.

-          总结设计经验,提高产品质量。

Retune to experience.


Qualifications Required:


-          锅炉或理工类相关专业本科以上或相当学历,3年以上受压件设计工作经验。

Bachelor degree or above in boiler or equivalent engineering, at least 3 years’ experience of pressure parts design.

-          熟练掌握锅炉及受压件具体结构及功能。

Familiar with detailed structure and function of boiler & pressure parts.

-          熟练掌握锅炉及受压件设计及制造标准,尤其是GBASME

Familiar with the design and manufacture standards of boiler & pressure parts, especially GB and ASME.

-          熟悉工厂设备及各种产品的生产工艺和流程。

Familiar with equipment of workshop and know product manufacturing process about all of boiler pressure parts.

-          具有很强的分析和解决问题的能力。

Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

-          3年以上的AutoCAD/iGEMS使用经验,熟练应用Office办公软件。

At least 3 years’ experience in AutoCAD/iGEMS, skilled use Office software.

-          优秀的团队合作能力、流利的英文交流能力。

Excellent team player and fluent in English.

Locations: China; China
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