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Commissioning Engineer Mechanical Power Island

  • GE Power
  • Experienced
  • Posted 5/17/2017 5:12:57 PM
  • 2917047
  • Job Function: Project Management
  • Business Segment: Power Steam Power Systems
Location(s): Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta

About Us:
Steam Power Services: Headquartered in Baden, Switzerland, Steam Power Systems combines unmatched expertise with the broadest range of technologies to help customers deliver sustainable and reliable power around the world. We set the standard for efficient power generation from coal, oil, nuclear, and biomass by providing exceptional performance over the life of a power plant.

Role Summary:
The Commissioning Engineer Mechanical is responsible for the planning and/or preparation and execution of the commissioning, trial run, acceptance testing and inspections/measurements within the scope of work associated to his/her assigned project. He/She is responsible for the technical safety of systems within his/her scope of work from turnover from erection until hand over to the customer (PAC).

Essential Responsibilities:

The Commissioning Engineer Mechanical is responsible for (but not limited to):

  • Fully acquainted with the corporate directives, site specific rules, safety regulations and environmental protection measures
  • Utilise all available tools and aids are to achieve the goals of the assignment as well, to strive for continuous product improvements and cost reduction.
  • All commissioning activities are performed in accordance to internal standard operating procedures.
  • Deviations from the agreed goals are reported and that corrective measures are initiated by arrangement with, and with the support of, the Commissioning Manager (COMM), Site Installation Manager (SIM) and project management.
  • Ensure that commissioning is performed in a safe and timely manner in accordance with the contract, site regulations, budget and time schedule.
  • Prepare for commissioning as specified in the work instructions (MEGA processes).
  • Manage, perform, coordinate and monitor the commissioning of the systems specified within the scope of work of the Commissioning Engineer Mechanical by arrangement with the COMM.
  • Organize and supervise the safe operation of the plant (site rules, safety regulations, shift plan, shift log, etc.) from system turnover from erection until PAC by arrangement with the COMM and the SIM.
  • Facilitate the turnover of systems from erection to commissioning and from commissioning to the customer in accordance with current procedure/work instruction.
  • Perform commissioning according to the specifications and engineering documents, taking into account the safety instructions, environmental protection measures and local regulations.
  • Execute all witness points of systems specified within the scope of work of the Commissioning Engineer Mechanical as defined by contract, local regulations and project witnessing documentation.
  • Execute the additional commissioning tests, as defined by contract and local regulations, which are beyond the regular commissioning scope.
  • Ensure that the engineering department is involved in handling technical problems and decisions.
  • Ensure that the COMM and the head office for commissioning receive regular information updates.
  • Ensure commissioning, operation, quality, record and feedback documentation are issued.
  • Approve and sign the commissioning documentation issued by the Commissioning Engineer Mechanical after having checked the same for completeness and correctness.
  • Hand over the collected and collated commissioning, quality and feedback documentation and software (originals) with a document list to the COMM for release.
  • Ensure that technical deviations are reported with a corresponding non-conformance report (NCR) and followed up until their completion
  • Maintain logbooks to record commissioning and operational events as specified in the work instructions.
  • Provide update information related to the commissioning system time schedule and the commissioning staff planning to the COMM.
  • Timely call-up of Commissioning Engineer Mechanical, specialists and further associated staff through the COMM.
  • Manage, assess, supervise, support and promote the commissioning and other personnel assigned to him/her.
  • Manage the handling and inspection of the commissioning test equipment.
  • Participate in site meetings by arrangement with the COMM and the SIM.
  • Check the time sheets of the personnel assigned and forward to the COMM.
  • Provide, by assignment completion, a Field Service Report and forward onto the COMM.
  • Provide technical experience feedback to project management and project engineering departments during debriefing meeting(s) .


To be successful in this role you would possess and / or demonstrate

- University degree or technical qualification in engineering related field

- Excellent communication skills

- At least two to four years’ experience as a commissioning engineer in the specified field.

- Previous experience within power plant processes would be advantageous

Locations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta
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