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Tendering Manager

  • GE Power
  • Experienced
  • Posted 1/4/2017 3:42:30 AM
  • WUH001V0
  • Job Function: Sales
  • Business Segment:
Location(s): China; Wuhan

Role Summary:
GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the "GE Store", through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

Business Development / Pre-acquisition (in coordination with and supported by GPS):

·         Provide fast and competent (responsive) support to customers as requested by the BSM

·         根据销售经理的请求提供快速有力的客户支持

·         Support the BSM in influencing the customer specification – achieve competitive positioning and differentiation of ALSTOM offer.

·         支持销售经理的客户技术规范影响活动-取得竞争优势地位和差异化

·         Provide support to the BSM for indicative/budget proposals as required

·         为销售经理提供指导性报价

·         Provide support for pre-qualification as required

·         根据要求提供资格预审支持

Project Acquisition- Preparation

·         Establish competitive tenders at or above approved margin and best possible commercial and technical conditions for ALSTOM.

·         在确立有竞争力的投标过程中,争取获得高于已批准的利润和最优的商务技术可条款

·         Coordinate tendering activities with the BSM & Tender Engineering Manager and ensure timely submission of good quality tender.

·         与销售经理和投标工程经理协调,确保及时递交高质量标书

·         Provide timely inputs for planning of resource requirements for the assigned project

·         对指派项目及时提供计划和资源输入条件

  • Adhere to the defined tendering process especially regarding milestones, review gates and responsibilities & & use of designated tools
  • 按投标流程开展投标工作,应特别关注各里程碑和关卡审查,并负责运用指定的投标工具进行工作
  • Ensure input and update of data for the project data bases. The RLF attached to the Power Sales is the responsibility of the TM.
  • 确保数据库录入和更新。Power Sales中的RLF是投标经理的职责所在
  • Initiate & lead the Kick off Meeting. Provide the Offer Guideline. Ensure that the various aspects such as deviation strategy, procurement & transport strategy etc. is clearly defined and communicated to the tender team inline with the overall project strategy. Participate in the Concept review meetings and Cost review meetings.
  • 发起并领导投标启动会议。提供投标指导原则。确保各个方面,比如差异策略、采购与运输策略等被清晰界定并与项目策略一道被传递至项目投标团队。参加概念审查会议和成本审查会议。
  • Initiate and coordinate:
  • 发起并协调:

-          LD for performance guarantees;

-          保证参数的罚款

-          BOQ’s & equipment schedules;

-          材料数量和设备计划

-          relevant technical documentation;

-          相关技术文件

-          tender and risk reviews;

-          标书和风险审查

-          development of a target price and value based pricing;

-          目标价格和定价基准

-          supplier evaluations for cost input and;

-          供应商成本评估,以及

-          elaboration of cost estimate incl. CCS and respective cost reviews;

-          协调成本预估,包括CCS以及专项成本审查

·         Report periodically on the project status to Tendering Director

·         定期将项目状态向投标总监汇报

Project Acquisition- Bidding Review/Vetting

·         Initiate and coordinate all necessary review/vetting meeting as per procedure requirement.

·         发起并协调所有根据程序要求召开的投标审查会议

Project Acquisition- Submission/Contracting

·         After bid submission conduct tender clarification/follow-up meeting.

·         递交标书后运作澄清/跟踪会议

·         Support negotiations. Commit to fight for ALSTOM in a very competitive environment. Achieve best possible conditions for ALSTOM. The scope, schedule and cost basis have to be clear, transparent and defined.

·         支持谈判。供货范围,交付计划和成本基准必须清晰、透明的界定

Project Acquisition- Handing over

·         Manage the internal handover meeting and interact actively with the nominated project director to achieve a good contract execution.

·         主导内部移交会议,并与任命的项目总监积极互动以其取得良好的合同执行

·         On Contract Award (either to ALSTOM or to competition) support the BSM to fill out the W/L report and hold feedback meeting with the tender team.

·         合同授予后(无论是授予Alstom还是竞争者)支持销售经理的输赢报告并主持召开项目投标团队的反馈会议


·         Drive cost reduction efforts and together with the Tender Engineering team and Sourcing team.

·         与投标工程团队以及采购团队一道努力降低成本

·         Collect competitive information and provide market feedback ensuring that experience is fed back to sales & tendering team.

·         收集竞争信息提供市场反馈以确保各经验反馈至销售投标队伍。

·         On sold projects, participate in project reviews to collect feedback from project execution.

·         对在售项目,参加项目审查从项目执行中获得反馈。

·         Provide feedback to improve Sales & Tendering processes & tools.

·         提供反馈以改进销售投标流程和工具。

Locations: China; Wuhan

GE offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation.  GE is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.
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